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carder puzzle box

Art for mind and soul


Carder puzzles are mindful puzzles designed to help you ease your mind, heal your soul and make your home more peaceful. Our products are created to expand your consciousness and perceptions beautifully and playfully. It doesn't matter if you are alone, with friends or family, puzzles have the power to draw you in and create truly memorable moments.  


The beauty and magic 

of puzzles 

two girls making a puzzle

When we solve puzzles, we reinforce existing connections between our brain cells and also enhance new ones. Since there’s a lot of trial and error, solving puzzles expands our ability to solve problems and think creatively. 


Like in meditation, when we solve puzzles, we exercise our capacity to concentrate, which leads to transformations on many levels; brain, health, lifestyle, our relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. 

meditate line art


When you are focused on finding the missing puzzle piece, you are fully present. You are in a meditative state.



While picking up your puzzle piece, breathe deeply and connect with yourself on a

deeper level. 

heal line art


Exhale while inserting the puzzle piece in the big picture. This will help you  to heal your wounds. 

expand line art


Take a step back and watch your perception, mind and soul expand. This would help you

see the big picture.


Know the artists

For our message to shine through and reach people’s souls, we had to find artists who shared our values and understood the purpose of our puzzles. 


We are so grateful to have found these incredible painters who decided to join our cause. Their paintings have touched many lives with their beauty, creativity and insights into other realms.

Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari

Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari

Visionary Painter

Man in White Tank Top


Surreal painter

A Young Woman Writing


Surreal painter


Our puzzles

We make puzzles that are unique and that inspire creativity. We source paintings from talented artists all over the world to create puzzles that are different from everything else out there. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and to the environment. Our packaging is reusable and our products are made with love and care for both the planet and for our clients. Every product we produce is a testament to our love for puzzles and a sustainable world.

Shipping  World Wide icon


World Wide 

eco cardboard icon

Eco Cardboard

No Need  For Glue icon

No Need

For Glue

Reusable  Packaging icon


A man meditating and a woman sitting


Frame your puzzle

We hope our puzzle to be a work of art in your home. You will invest so much focus and time in creating this puzzle, so why not treat it like a piece of art? This beautiful painting deserves a place on your wall. So we have made it easier for you to frame it.


See our how-to video. 

Two female making a carder puzzle


Make someone happy

At Carder, we believe that a puzzle can be more than just a fun activity. Our puzzles are designed to promote healing, meditation and expand your consciousness. When you gift a Carder puzzle, you're giving someone more than just a playful activity, you're giving them an experience filled with beautiful and joyful energy. Rest assured that we will take care of everything for you.



“The best puzzle I have ever made”


“My girlfrend loved the gift so much”


“Great product and packaging”



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