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Carder is an online shop that sells mindful puzzles made with love and cares for the planet and the people. We use 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard and our puzzles are produced in Europe. The packaging is reusable and doesn’t contain any plastic bags. 


We are constantly working on making our business more sustainable. 

a man holding a puzzle piece

Because we care

Plant a tree with us

For each puzzle sold, we plant a tree with the help of our partners Tree-Nation.

Tree-Nation is home to 57 reforestation projects from 33 different countries. They use Tree-Nation to share with you their stories and get help in their journey to reforest the world.

a forest of yung trees

Carbon removal

We are constantly working on making our business more sustainable. We want to have an impact on the global economy so that it can benefit all people, communities, and the planet. 


We are in discussions with Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace to erase our carbon footprint and help reverse climate change by emitting less carbon and removing the rest.

nori certificate
tree nation certificate
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