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Meet The Artists

Nothing in this world has ever been accomplished alone. Even if it seems so, we are all a sum of our parents, ancestors, friends and strangers who have passed our way. Our mistakes and accomplishments, our past and future acts. 


This applies to Carder puzzles too. For our message to shine through and reach people’s souls, we had to find artists who shared our values and understood the purpose of our puzzles. 


We are so grateful to have found these incredible painters who decided to join our cause. Their paintings has touched many souls with their beauty, creativity and insights into other realms.

Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari

We discovered Lobsang's art by chance on Pinterest. We were in discussions with other artists too at that moment, but somehow, when we saw his paintings, something in us clicked. 


His art inspired us and the following steps we had to take for these puzzles to materialize. We are so grateful that our paths cross.

"My idea and my projects are to let the flow of this sacred inspiration into me, therefore into my art, without the interference of the mind. I want to share the pure essence of my experiences, especially these precious healing energies, with all those who resonate with that state of mind". Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari

Afternoon Light


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