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Healing Puzzle

Healing puzzle picture

In order to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives we need to start to heal ourselves. For most of us, this begins with healing our souls and finding the beauty and magic that lies in each of us.

This painting aims to do just so, guide us in the process of healing ourselves.

Knowledge Puzzle

One of Pythagoras' famous quotes said: "Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God."

When we take the time to observe ourselves and go inwards, we may be surprised to discover how much wonder we can find and how much we all have in common.

Knowledge puzzle picture
puzzle framing idea

your Puzzle

Our puzzles are intended to be an art piece in your home. The pictures we chose, the quality of the cardboard and the print make it so easy to frame.


Carder puzzles can be easily framed without having to go through the hassle of gluing them. Our puzzles are digitally printed to ensure that the quality of the picture is not altered. So all you need is a 46x61 cm frame with glass and then you'd have to figure out where to display it. That’s it. 


Check out our how-to video and see the process. 

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