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We have
a story

Christian is more experienced with puzzles. But, on the other hand, I entered this world 2-3 years ago when we had a great time completing our first puzzle together.


After putting our son Arun to bed, we sat for hours around a puzzle discussing family and life matters, values, and ideas.

We were actually helping our minds expand.

a woman and a man face line art

How it all started

With time, we wanted to find a puzzle that could tell a story that spoke to our souls and that we could hang in our bedroom.


We both love art so much, and we wanted the puzzle to be a piece of art and a reminder to always live in the moment.


At one point, we caught ourselves talking about what high quality means to us, about artists, beauty, puzzles, paintings, what consciousness means, how we can heal and what meditation is. How can all of these be translated and combined into something useful? What a box that accommodates a piece of art should look like? By now, you can see where all these questions led us to. 


So, Hi there! We are Christian and Dana, and we are delighted to meet you.


We encourage you to let the artists and their art be a reminder for you that life has beauty in it and that our souls are greater than we can ever imagine. We hope you will enjoy our puzzles.

a woman a man and a child making a puzzle

Our values
and intentions

We believe in a world where we all help and support one another. We believe that God (or how you choose to name it) lies in the beauty of paradoxes. We have the power and the tools to expand ourselves and live lives full of meaning and love. 


One of these tools is puzzles. When we are engaged in assembling a puzzle, there are so many things that happen inside us—we lower our stress levels, which leads to increased attention to detail. As a result, we improve visual-spatial reasoning. We solve problems more creatively, our memory improves, and our state overall. And these are just a few benefits of compiling a puzzle.


We all want to live in a world where people are more centred, more peaceful, and calm, so we believe our puzzles can contribute to this massive change in human consciousness—piece by piece and puzzle by puzzle. 

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